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 Laos is a country of mountains and forests. It is also a country of water. Although it is a developing nation where 70% of the population lives in agricultural villages, most of whom are engaged in agricultural work, there are no beggars, etc., and a variety of products are on the market.

 On the other hand, although it is a Buddhist country with many priests, it has also been influenced by temporarily ruling cultures and the cultures of China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc., and visited by many foreign tourists. Politically, it is a communist dictatorship, but the status and discussions between the president and prime minister have  led to peaceful transfer and stability, and there is no strive by minority peoples, etc. seen.

 Now, Laos is faced with a violent wave of financial growth. The North-South and East-West corridors connecting the countries of Indochina with highways are almost complete, and the roads which until a few years ago were tranquil are now overflowing with cars. Factories are operating, infrastructure is being outfitted, incomes are rising, and people's lives are improving. The population of Laos is about 8 million, and it is soundly gaining strength as a country in Indochina.

 We have made many trips to Laos starting 7 or 8 years ago, and have interacted with many Laotian people. We have also imported lumber from Laos, having Laotian people train in woodworking in Japan, and made plans for hydroelectric power operations. During this time, we have made acquaintances with and engaged closely with Laotian economists, politicians, and lawyers, and have also met many Japanese people who have been active in Laos for a long time.

 On this occasion we have utilized our experience to establish the Laotian corporation LAO TYBM SOLE CO LTD, and have started to conduct business activities within Laos. We hope to go forward deepening relations between Laos and Japan and being active in Laos' economic development


We at LAO TYBM provide consultations in Japanese by Japanese staff in both Japan and Laos for Japanese companies that are considering expanding into Laos.
Attorney Mr. Hasegawa is well-versed in Laotian social circumstances and can provide legal support for overseas expansion such as vital contracts in Japan.
We also not only have connections with Laotian attorneys and accountants, but we also have Japanese staff who have lived in Laos for over 10 years who will be responsible for providing support domestically in Laos.

Business results

Fire engine donation collaboration via a general incorporated association


Lumber provision collaboration at building number 13 at Meiji Gakuin University


Investigation of investments with electric power companies in our country


Collaboration in applying training programs at overseas industrial human resource cultivation organizations



●Collaboration on supplying materials at a general incorporated foundation in our country

●Collaborations relating to hospitality programs for stockholders at a major construction company in our country

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